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You can search through 90,000+ Bank Branches of 125+ Banks in India! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding Bank Branches of banks as they get available on RBI website.

Though we've taken utmost care in collecting MICR Codes and presenting them with a user friendly search format. just in case you discover errors, kindly report them immediately!Also, please contact the identical email-id if you're a bank and wish your MICR Codes listed on our website.

The easiest thanks to Find MICR Code for Banks in India is to start out by which Bank's MICR code you're searching for. you'll further filter List of MICR Codes by State, District and City. otherwise you may directly key in first few characters of Branch Name, Locality or address.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, or MICR, could be a character recognition technology used primarily by the banking system to facilitate the processing of cheques. MICR characters are printed in special typefaces with a ink or toner, usually containing iron oxide. A special machine is employed to read these characters, which may be easily read by humans too. The characters are usually printed on the underside strip of cheque leaf. This MICR code is employed By RBI (Reserve bank Of India) clearing process to spot the branch and bank for clearing processes.